The National Weather Service is predicting a return to wet weather and a chance of thunderstorms. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures will reach highs in the 60s with sunny and mostly sunny conditions. However, by Wednesday night NWS has forecasted a return to cloudy skies. 

On Thursday, there is a slight chance of thunderstorms and rain, with chances increasing from 20 to 50% over the course of the day. By Thursday evening, rain chances are expected to be at 80%. Thursday will also be cooler though constant, with highs and lows in the 40s. 

Friday may warm up to 67 degrees, with rain chances higher in the morning at 70% but these chances are expected to decrease to 30% by the afternoon. 

At the time of this report, NWS is forecasting a cool but sunny Saturday with highs near 51 degrees. Saturday night may be considerably colder at 26 degrees. 

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