Chris Mosley and Zachary Grayson

Chris Mosley (left) and Zachary Grayson (right) came out on top during the Chickasha Municipal elections. Mosley won the mayor seat against Tom Rose and Grayson will replace incumbent Howard Carpenter on the Chickasha City Council, Ward 4. 

NOTE: This story has been updated.

Correction: Chris Mosley is an insurance agent, not realtor as previously reported. The Express-Star regrets the error. 

The Chickasha Municipal Election on Tuesday night resulted in a landslide win for Chris Mosley over fellow candidate Tom Rose. 

Mosley started out ahead of the game with absentee and early voting numbers at 141 votes for Mosley and 48 votes for Rose. This trend was maintained as results from precincts rolled in for the next hour. When all 11 precincts were counted in the unofficial results, Mosley had a 1,073 votes with Rose finishing at 476 votes. 

Mosley is excited to step into his new role. 

Mosley said his experience as an insurance agent has prepared him to remain optimistic in the face of conflict. 

"I get told 'no' every day," he said. 

The new mayor would like to see everyone get on the same page moving forward. He said there is a lot of work to do in handling the city's budget. 

He believes everyone in Chickasha has an opportunity—and impact—in the success of Chickasha's economic development, especially in making an impression on visitors. Employees who answer phones, waitresses and store associates can all have an impact on the tone of the town.

Mosley said he was excited to see the number of voters had gone up about 15 percent from the last election. 

During his campaign, Mosley asked the public to post pictures on social media of themselves voting. He said the most exciting part was seeing new faces. Moreover, Chickasha's residents should feel empowered to make changes on a local level, because this is where they can have the most impact, he said. 

"This is how we build momentum to bring changes to our town. There is so much opportunity."

The race was a little closer for the Chickasha City Council race. 

Incumbent, Howard Carpenter began at a slight lead of 95 votes over 91 votes for Zachary Grayson. However, that changed as the were posted. The first results for election day voting put Grayson ahead at 190 votes over 155 for Carpenter. The race remained pretty close throughout the evening with Grayson winning the Chickasha City Council seat at 880 votes over Carpenter's 643 votes. 

"I expected a close race and that's what happened," he said. 

The new Chickasha City Council Member for Ward  said he is ready to get to work and serve the community that voted for him.

"I'm ready to get to work and do my part to make Chickasha the best that it can be," Grayson said.

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