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MARLOW — The City of Marlow met for a regularly scheduled council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 22 where they adopted ordinances and purchased equipment for the city.

Hot topics of discussion with the city leadership included Ordinance 439 as related to medical marijuana. The board discussed repealing Chapter 11 of Title 3 and instead moved to establish medical marijuana provisions in Chapter 10 of Title 10 under the heading “zoning regulations for medical marijuana commercial establishments.”

City administrator Jason McPherson said this basically does away with everything Marlow has had since State Question 788 and moves everything over to the zoning regulations.

“With Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), they have us do a certificate of compliance and then from that point on, we’re just making sure they’re in the right place in this town for what our zoning codes allow,” McPherson said.

Marlow City Council adopted the ordinance.

Under Ordinance 439, rules related to medical marijuana state commercial medical marijuana businesses or commercial grow operations for medical marijuana cannot be within 1,000 feet of any private or public school and distances will be measured from any entrance of the school to the nearest property line point of the medical marijuana business.

The same ordinance also details that medical marijuana businesses can only locate within C-2 general commercial zoning districts.

According to the ordinance, location restrictions for medical marijuana businesses include:

• Medical marijuana commercial grower: A medical marijuana grow facility that is 1,500 square feet shall only be located indoors within C-2 General Commercial District Zoning. A medical marijuana grow facility that exceeds 1,500 square feet shall only be located indoors within A-2 Suburban District Zoning.

• Medical marijuana processor: A medical marijuana processor facility shall only be located within I-1 light industrial district zoning.

• Medical marijuana testing facilities: A medical marijuana testing facility shall only be allowed within I-1 light industrial district zoning.

• Medical marijuana education and/or research facilities: A medical marijuana education or research facility shall only be allowed within I-1 light industrial district zoning.

• Medical marijuana waste disposal facilities: medical marijuana waste disposal facility shall only be located within I-2 heaving industrial district zoning.

The board also approved an emergency clause for Ordinance 439, putting it into effect immediately.

Other ordinances on the table for discussion included Ordinance 440, which amended the table of allowed uses in Section 10-3-1 for zoning regulations by adding medical marijuana commercial establishments. Ordinance 440 was approved with an emergency clause before Ordinance 441 came to the table.

Ordinance 441 pertained to purchases and sales by the city administrator.

According to McPherson, there previously was a $1,000 limit on purchases and through the charter revision passed overwhelmingly by city voters, that rose to the state level of $50,000.

Ordinance 441, however, would raise the city administrators purchase limits to $7,500 which is the same as the position in the Marlow Municipal Authority (MMA).

The board approved Ordinance 441 and an emergency clause along with it.

The board discussed a contract for replacement of shingle roofs at the Public Safety Building and the Redbud Chapel.

McPherson said storms in April damaged shingle roofs. According to McPherson, two companies, RainMan and Marlow Roofing, both put in quotes.

“Marlow Roofing’s combined quote of $42,454.25 was the lower quote and that will be the one I’d recommend,” McPherson said.

The board approved the placement of the shingle roofs at the Public Safety Building and the Redbud Chapel to use Marlow Roofing.

In other news, the council approved purchases of:

• A 12” drum Bobcat Brush Bandit Chipper from Bobcat of Dallas for $36,270 to be reimbursed by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Community Based Environmental Protection Project Large Equipment Grant.

• Replacement lighting to include 35 new fixtures for the Garland Smith Public Library from Dressler Electrical Services for $6,540 previously approved and recommended by the Library Board.

“We kind of want to go through the process on this to replace these lights,” McPherson said. “When we started this, there were 12 of the 35 lights that were out in the main library part. The entire fixture hangs down. You have to replace the entire fixture, you don’t replace the lamp. It will cost $5,500 to replace those 12. We wanted to replace the actual light. We can do this ourselves. For $6,540 we can replace all 35.”

The board approved the purchase to come out of the special library fund.

Additionally, Marlow Municipal Authority declared the week of Oct. 4 - 10 as Public Power Week. Public Power Week is celebrated nationally by the public power communities across the country.

The City of Marlow will host its next meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 27 in the Council Chambers at 119 S. Second Street.

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