John David McCoy

A man who led Tuttle Police on a chase—sometimes reaching 100 mph—is being held in the Grady County Jail. 

John David McCoy attempted to elude officers in April. However when he fled on foot, he left behind several pieces of identifying information in the van he had been driving. He was jailed on Sunday, July 21. 

It was a broken front passenger headlight that got the attention of Tuttle Police in the early hours of April 29. An officer attempted to make contact with McCoy at 12:44 a.m. after noticing the broken light. 

According to court documents, McCoy put the blue van in drive and fishtailed through a yard, attempting to elude by heading eastbound on SH 37. The officer began to chase McCoy, notified dispatch and called for backup. 

McCoy allegedly ignored several posted speed limits, including going 100 mph in a posted 45 mph zone. McCoy also failed to stop at a stop sign posted at an intersection. He also continually drove in the wrong lane, the report said. 

At one point, McCoy opened the driver side door in an attempt to bail out of the van. McCoy then got up and chased after the blue van as it was rolling down County Street 2920. 

The officer observed that the van appeared to be inoperable and had a fluid trail behind it. At one point, McCoy stopped the van and then fled away from it on foot. 

The officer attempted to order McCoy to the ground at gunpoint but McCoy continued to flee on foot. McCoy then attempted to get between a barbed wire fence and appeared to cut himself on the barbed wire, the report said. He continued into a field and fell down multiple times. 

Backup from the Grady County Sheriff's Department arrived and helped search the area for McCoy but he could not be found. 

During an inventory of the blue van, authorities found multiple pieces of mail addressed to John David McCoy, a wallet with several credit cards addressed to him and an air pistol gun with the orange tip removed. Officers also found a statement book that had multiple recently completed statements by a "McCoy's Remodeling." There were also two cell phones in the van, one had messages containing information about an alleged drug transaction, the report said. 

Later, the officer reviewed footage from his body camera and was able to positively identify McCoy with his mugshot. Tuttle Police also learned that McCoy had a suspended license, a felony conviction, several warrants out of Grady County and a warrant out of Oklahoma County for aggravated eluding resulting in great bodily injury. 

McCoy faces several charges including improper equipment, driving under suspension, eluding a police officer and possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction. 

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