Jesse Newberry

A Ninnekah man called 911 after he discovered a suspicious male hiding under a bed in a relative's apartment. 

Jesse Newberry, 31, is being charged with burglary in the second degree and is currently being held in the Grady County Jail. 

Newberry was hiding under a bed in an apartment that is connected to a shop in Ninnekah. The property owner lives in an RV nearby. His granddaughter and great-granddaughter were living in the apartment temporarily. 

The property owner initially saw Newberry stick his head out the shop door, but could not find anyone when he initially searched the apartment. 

The property owner went back to the apartment with the camera on his cell phone activated. As he was moving some boxes under the bed, he found Newberry hiding. 

The property owner ordered Newberry out from under the bed and asked what he was doing. Newberry said his name was "James Roberts" and he was leaving. 

While the property owner attempted to call 911, Newberry brushed past him and left the residence. 

Grady County Deputies and Ninnekah Police caught up with Newberry walking north on US81 from County Road 1470. 

Newberry told a Grady County Sheriff's Deputy that he knew the apartment's occupant. 

"Jesse stated he hadn't spoken to [her] in almost 2 years and he wanted to surprise her," the affidavit said. 

The deputy asked how Newberry knew where she lived if they hadn't spoken in two years. Newberry said a friend told him but he would not reveal the friend's name. 

During investigation, authorities discovered Newberry had assault and battery charges involving the woman in the apartment. 

The victim had been in the apartment shortly before the property owner saw Newberry stick his head out the shop door. She had briefly gone inside to put up groceries before visiting her relative's nearby RV. It is possible she was in the apartment while Newberry was hiding, the report said. 

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