Bryan Bingham

A Chickasha man is facing first degree manslaughter charges after he hit a man on a bicycle in August. 

A report from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Scott Womack, 47, also of Chickasha, was riding his bicycle near Ninnekah on Aug. 27, 2019. He was hit by a pickup driven by Bryan Bingham, 38, who was traveling in the same direction. Womack was pronounced dead at the scene due to massive injuries. 

According to court documents filed in May 2020, there was an investigation of Bingham’s cellular phone records, photo data as well as digital data obtained from his pickup. 

Digital data showed that the accident occurred at 6:47 p.m. and that Bingham was driving 56-57 mph on County Road 1400, where the posted speed limit is 45 mph. 

Cellular phone records showed Bingham had finished a phone call seven seconds before impacting the bicycle and had called a relative before calling 911. 

Bingham had been driving from Paul’s Valley to his residence on County Road 1400. Digital data from the pickup showed Bingham had traveled well above the speed limit at multiple locations on Highway 19 prior to the collision. 

Moreover, the investigation found that Bingham failed to give Womack the required distance on the road. State statutes require a vehicle passing a bicyclist to stay three feet from the cyclist. 

Bingham consented to a blood test, which showed no alcohol. The drug screen showed phentermine, for which Bingham had a prescription. 

The Grady County Law Enforcement website showed Bingham surrendered himself to authorities on Friday, May 22. 

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