Michael Hassler

A Lindsay man is facing numerous charges after he allegedly harassed a woman and made charges to her credit card. 

Michael Lee Hassler allegedly sent repeated messages to the victim via email, Facebook, text message, phone calls, showing up at public places where the victim was and placing a tracking device on the victim's car, according to an incident report. 

Hassler allegedly created a Facebook profile that used the victim's debit card as the profile photo. Hassler sent repeated messages to the victim from the fake profile, the report said. 

Grady County Sheriff's Deputy Brittany Mayer made contact with Hassler through the Facebook profile and told Hassler if he continued to violate the protective order, he could go to jail. Hassler allegedly continued to make threats against the victim. 

Hassler then allegedly uploaded pictures to the victim's Twitter account without the victim's consent. The victim said Hassler had hacked into her account and changed the password so that she was unable remove the photographs, the report said. 

Mayer reported that Hassler continued to contact the victim and her family while the deputy was on scene. A warrant was issued for Hassler's arrest. 

Hassler also allegedly used the victim's credit card to purchase services from Spokeo Search and Match.com

Hassler allegedly continued to harass the victim up until his arrest on May 15. 

Hassler faces one count of stalking in violation of a protective order; one count of attempted intimidation of witness; one count of nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual matters; and, three counts of unauthorized use of credit card.  Hassler faces up to sixteen years in the custody of the Department of Corrections.  

Hassler appeared before the Grady County District Court on Tuesday where his bond was set at $250,000 according to District Attorney Jason Hicks. In addition to the bond amount, Hassler will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor if he is released on bond, Hicks said. 

Hassler will appear in court on June 28 for an attorney announcement date and a preliminary hearing conference date on July 11 at 1:30 p.m. 

Hicks commended the swift work of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

“In situations such as this, it is imperative that an investigation begin immediately and that the facts and circumstances are verified allowing my office to obtain an arrest warrant.  In this instance Deputy Mayer did an outstanding job of ensuring that the victim in this case was protected by working on it in a fast and professional manner.  This case could have had a much different outcome had Deputy Mayer not acted as soon as she did," Hicks said. 

The initial report was made to the Grady County Sheriff’s Office on May 13.  Deputy Mayer presented charges to the District Attorney’s Office on May 14, with a warrant being issued the same day, Hicks said. 

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