By Pastor Mark Hiehle

Last week we began a journey together in seeking wisdom from the Biblical book of Proverbs.

The author was Solomon who was inspired to write these pearls of wisdom for his son in hopes that he would be guided in the right direction through life.

Through the insight and gifts of knowledge that God gave to Solomon, he is considered the wisest man that ever lived.

As Solomon begins the book, the very first lesson that he wanted his son to learn is what is so desperately needed in our day, too. That principle lesson is that actions have consequences.

In verses 8-19 of Proverbs chapter one, Solomon impresses upon us the truth that our actions always have consequences.

Unfortunately, that lesson is not conveyed today. In the movies and television shows that we watch, the exact opposite message is actually promoted.

What we need to remember, however, is that what is presented on the big or small screen is fantasy.

The sit-coms, dramas and entertaining movies are not reality. The problem is that many in our society and culture want their lives to imitate what they see.

Unfortunately, real life never mirrors fantasy. In real life, people get hurt, unplanned pregnancies occur, and problems don’t get fixed during a 30-minute time slot. The truth of Solomon’s words need to be heard anew and shared with conviction – actions have consequences.

In speaking to both youth and adults alike, I have heard them share disappointment that their lives are not more like their favorite television show. After all, no one on television ever suffers the lingering effects of their choices. Why do I have to? Solomon’s instruction is to think not short-term, but long-term and consider the consequences. Not only is this truth spoken in scripture, but the very laws of nature echo this reality.

Consider the law of motion that says with every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. In other words, no action is void of a consequence.

So, what can we glean from the message of Solomon? First, think through the consequences of a decision before you act.

This means not only an action, but words spoken as well.

They, too, have lasting and real consequences. Second, take time to think for yourself, and don?t just give in to the pressures of the moment. As you evaluate your choices and the outcomes of each, you will be applying this important lesson from the Bible, and you will make the wisest choice.

Allowing God to direct your thoughts and putting this lesson into practice, wisdom will be added to your life.


Pastor Mark Hiehle is the Senior Pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene at 1300 S. 29th St. in Chickasha, OK.

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