A local woman told Chickasha City Council she is concerned about the conditions at Lake Chickasha.  

Kathy Martin lives in a permanent, brick home on the Lake Chickasha property. 

Martin said that while there have been some attempts to keep up with mowing, the overall condition of Lake Chickasha is getting worse. Martin said there is a lack of maintenance and security. 

“Because of Covid, whenever people do get some free time and space, they’re going a little more crazy than they used to. They need to blow off steam and they’re doing it a lot at Lake Chickasha,” Martin said. 

She added that there have been issues due to the lack of oversight on the property. She alleged that someone had set fire to furniture that had been left out on the grounds. 

“I love where I live, the good still far outweighs the bad, but it does concern me how much worse it’s getting all the time.” 

Martin was also critical of the annual lake lease increases, which city documents say are to help offset administrative and maintenance cost at the lake. 

“The fact is you all make decisions about what affects us. There’s real people living at the end of your decisions and I’m one of them,” Martin said. 

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