Alex Warren Klingler was sentenced on Tuesday for shooting multiple Chickasha Police Officers in September 2017. 

Judge Kory Kirkland sentenced Klingler to 10 life sentences after a jury found Klingler guilty of three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, six counts of shooting with the intent to kill and one count of maiming. 

The jury recommended a life sentence for each count. 

District Attorney Jason Hicks said in a news release, “This sentence should serve as notice that anyone who decides to harm an officer will be held accountable for their actions and that we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Hicks also expressed his gratitude to the officers involved “I would like to extend a special thank you to the officers who put their lives on the line on September 17, 2017 to investigate an assault that occurred in the Klingler residence that morning.  These officers were heroic in their actions and deserve to know that my office and the community will stand behind them.”

 At the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, Klingler said he plans to appeal his sentences. 

On Sept. 17, 2017, Chickasha Police Officers went to Klingler's residence with a search warrant after a woman had reported Klingler broke her wrists during a kidnapping attempt. When officers attempted to enter the residence, Klinger shot at the officers, hitting Matthew Schoolfield, Colton Weger and Daniel Ramirez. 

The Grady County Sheriff's Office brought out an MRAP to rescue the officers from the scene. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol utilized their tactical unit to capture Klingler when he finally surrendered.

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