It's no whopper, Burger King is coming back to Chickasha

Wheels are in motion to build a Burger King on the old OK Skateland site in Chickasha. 

It has been about a decade since the flame-grilled franchise left Chickasha. Burger King first opened in the 1980s where LaFiesta is now, according to Gene Winsett,  Chickasha Community Development Director.

The Burger King will be part of the Woodlands Addition, which will be generally located in the area west of S. 4th St. and south of W. Grand Ave. The Woodlands will be a mix of commercial and residential properties. The area measures just over 39 acres. 

There is no set  building or opening date for the Burger King at this time. However, construction is underway for a new street called Park Avenue, which will be the road between Walgreens and the new Burger King, Winsett said. 

OK Skateland, which was open for 17 years, closed in September 2018. 

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