The Grady County Commissioners met at the fairgrounds community room on Monday. 

The commissioners will resume meetings at their regular meeting place on Monday, June 1 at 9 a.m. at on the first floor of the Grady County Courthouse. 

Kean Spellman, Grady Memorial Hospital CEO was in attendance at Monday’s meeting. He said the hospital may soon have saliva testing available. Last week, the hospital announced  antibody testing is available at the Five Oaks Clinic, through nasal swab. 

Spellman said he is concerned about community spread in Chickasha. 

Spellman said there are still cases where people have a significant other or family member infected with COVID-19 who then go to work and/or go out in public without wearing a mask. 

Spellman said he would like to see the community adopt a “good neighbor” policy in regards to wearing masks.

Spellman said people who are coughing for any reason are advised wear a mask in order to protect others. Moreover, those who are feeling sick should stay home, he said. 

Spellman said the hospital as well as Five Oaks Clinic are continuing to take precautions, such as asking those in waiting rooms to wear masks if they are coughing. Spellman said he understands this may make some people uncomfortable. 

Spellman said that while the viral density is waning and hospitals are not overwhelmed, now is not the time to throw caution to the wind. 

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