The Grady County Fairgrounds will host the Gypsy Horse Show Association Fall Championship this weekend, Oct. 10-11. 

The event will feature Gypsy and Drum horse classes. 

While the Gypsy breed may look similar to Clydesdales, Randy Hearon with 4C’s Gypsy Horses, of Blanchard, said these horses are even fluffier. 

Gypsy horses are also known for their gentle natures, he said. In May, 4C’s Gypsy Horses went to nursing homes in Chickasha and Blanchard. Some of the nursing homes allowed masked visits (for the humans) or the horses were led window to window to bring smiles to residents.  

Riders will be coming from all over the United States to compete in the all-ages event this weekend. Hearon said all disciplines will be represented including Western and English riding, driving cones, ranch riding and more. 

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