Grady Memorial Hospital is experiencing the calm before the storm, according to CEO, Kean Spellman. 

Grady Memorial, along with other hospitals around the nation, have cancelled elective procedures and encouraged patients to use online, tele-doc and curbside options in order to conserve PPE. 

Spellman said the projected peak for patients in intensive care as a result of COVID-19 is April 23. 

The hospital also canceled their annual blood drive in order to conserve supplies, however, Spellman strongly encourages residents to donate blood where possible, as there are still patients receiving emergency surgeries and procedures, not related to the coronavirus, but still in need of blood. 

Spellman said he wants the public to understand they should not hesitate to seek care for COVID-19 at Grady Memorial, as there is no co-pay or deductible for any victim of this disease. 

The hospital will also use the a new piece of equipment to help other entities in the county. 

The hospital recently purchased a new Skytron UV Robot (an ultraviolet light) that can immediately disinfect surfaces and equipment throughout the hospital, including n95 masks. Spellman offered to help Grady County Emergency Management sterilize their masks as needed, as well. Spellman said the hospital received a large donation of masks (not n95) and face shields from Harbor Freight. The hospital was very grateful for this donation, he said. 

There is a large crew of volunteers sewing backup surgical gowns. Spellman said if anyone had elastic the could donate, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management Director, said all 77 Oklahoma counties, including Grady, are covered under President Trump’s emergency declaration on Sunday. 

This will allow Grady County to receive some reimbursement for supplies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, Thompson said there have been delays in receiving supplies such as PPE, sanitizing spray and hand sanitizer. Thompson said emergency management is working with local fire and law enforcement to distribute the current supply of PPE. 

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