The Grady County Assessor’s Office announced that ,while the courthouse is closed, the assessor’s office will still be mailing “Notice of Change in Valuation” notices for 2020, as required by law. 

“If you receive a notice and disagree with the valuation listed, you will still have thirty (30) days to contact our office to discuss the matter and to file a protest if necessary.  For 2020, the process will be done via phone, e-mail or fax,” Bari Firestone, Grady County Assessor, said.

“Please remember that if you receive a notice, you will have an extended time frame to file for Homestead, Double-Homestead and Valuation Limitation Freeze for Senior Citizens.”

There will be someone at the Grady County Assessor’s Office to answer phone calls Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays. 

“We at the Assessor’s office pray that everyone will remain safe and healthy during this trying time,” Firestone said. 

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