Dick Lowe

OKLAHOMA CITY – This week saw Governor Stitt sign multiple pieces of legislation authored by freshman Rep. Dick Lowe, R-Amber.

“It’s not often that freshmen get multiple bills signed by the Governor, but I’m glad I could get some of these important pieces of legislation across the finish line,” Lowe said. “My goal when seeking elected office was to get legislation passed that truly helped the people of my district and the state. Some of these bills may not be the flashiest, but they accomplish that goal and I hope Oklahomans feel the benefit.”

The bills include:

House Bill 2462 authorizes the State Department of Education to enter into contracts and agreements for the payment of food, lodging and other expenses to host, conduct, sponsor or participate in conferences, meetings or training sessions.

House Bill 2465 authorizes the Department of Public Safety to enter into agreements with local school districts, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or institutions of higher education to act as approved written examination proctors for Class A, B, C, or D driver license tests.

 Senate Bill 128, authored by Lowe in the House, creates the Seizure-Safe Schools Act, requires schools that have an enrolled student with a seizure disorder who is prescribed seizure rescue medication to employ at least one person who has met the training requirements necessary to administer seizure medication.

Senate Bill 10, authored by Lowe in the House, eliminates the November 1, 2022, sunset date as it relates to the $10.00 fine applied to persons convicted of a speeding violation 1-10 miles per hour over the speeding limit.

Senate Bill 712, authored by Lowe in the House, provides that the Secretary of the State Election Board may authorize use of electronic precinct registries by one or more county election boards and may purchase necessary equipment, subject to funding.  

Two pieces of legislation authored by Lowe are still pending. 

House Bill 2471 gives the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry more control over licenses for private applicators of pesticides and had Senate amendments approved by the House today. It will now be sent to the governor’s desk for consideration. 

Senate Bill 500 directs the cities, towns and counties to create and publish an annual report documenting the amount of increments or incentives of local taxes and fees apportioned pursuant to the Local Development Act. It brings transparency and accountability for taxpayers to understand the use of local dollars. The bill was amended in the House and has been sent back to the Senate for review and approval. That approval is anticipated in the upcoming weeks.

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