GCEM: Increased active cases of COVID-19 in Grady County

The active cases of COVID-19 has seen an increase, according to Grady County Emergency Management Director, Dale Thompson. 

At the Grady County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday morning, Thompson said that as of Sunday, there were active cases in Chickasha, Tuttle, Minco, Rush Springs, Bridge Creek and Blanchard.

Thompson said this is the biggest list yet of active cases in the county. He said at this time there are still plenty of local hospital beds.

Thompson also discussed the recent spike of case in Oklahoma, with more than 500 new cases reported in a single day last week. 

Other states, such as Florida, Texas and Arizona are seeing much larger spikes, with Florida reporting more than 10,000 cases in a single day, Thompson said. 

Thompson said there have been more cases in the 18 to 35 range as well as the 35 to 49 range. Thompson said this could be partially due to increase in testing as well as bars and restaurants opening back up and large events being held again. 

As of Sunday, Grady County had a total of 173 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, 133 recoveries and five deaths. 

COVID-19 data for Monday is expected to be released soon. 

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