We at Five Oaks Medical Group Pediatric department are thankful for your trust during this time of global COVID pandemic.  We are privileged to care for your children.  We acknowledge that the COVID pandemic is unprecedented, and that we as a scientific community are working diligently to learn all we can from this new virus.  We understand that you may be worried about the recent reports of a connection between the COVID virus and a rare but serious health condition called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.  Below we have included parts of an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics parent information website healthychildren.org.  This article summarizes some of the information you may be interested in concerning this new but very rare condition for pediatric victims of COVID-19.

Many viral infections, including the COVID-19 coronavirus, are spread from one person to another through contact with respiratory droplets from an infected individual. Things that keep viral droplets from infecting a new person include frequent hand washing or sanitizing, not touching face, mouth, eyes, frequent cleaning of surfaces where droplets may be located, and wearing of masks to protect droplets from reaching surfaces or people.  As with many viral infections those with healthy immune systems tend to do well.  Viral infections of any sort, including the COVID-19 virus, are harder on those with immune systems that are not as healthy. For the most part pediatric patients are remaining one of the least affected groups during this viral pandemic. 

 We at Five Oaks Pediatric Group are continuing to see patients in clinic during this pandemic. Pediatric care is unique and often requires in person evaluation of a population with many growth, development, infectious concerns that require a team approach with family and medical providers. We are taking measures to protect your children during their in-person visits to our pediatric clinic with multiple measures. Please know that our policy is to sanitize rooms after patient use with a virus killing product. This continues to be the case during this time. We are also using this product in the waiting room, reception areas, and various touch points around the clinic frequently. We have also asked our receptionist to schedule well child checks or rechecks in the morning hours, and our sick patients in the afternoon to keep these populations separated.  We have a goal of reducing waiting room time to a minimum. We have the ability to do telemedicine visits if needed as well.  

Maintaining well child checks to closely monitor growth, monitor development and administer vaccines to prevent an outbreak of vaccine preventable illness during this viral pandemic are very important for your child’s health.  If your children are sick and need an in-person appointment, we would be glad to see them in clinic as well. Please contact our pediatric team if you need care of any sort during this time.  Again, we thank you and are privileged by your trust during this time of viral pandemic. We are constantly amazed by the resilience of our Oklahoma population during times of crisis, and are thankful to be one of your team members.



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