A fifth adult was arrested in connection with a Rush Springs child abuse case. 

William Barnes, 30, is one of five adults accused of abusing a minor in Rush Springs. Four others were arrested last month,  including April Summers, Jeffery Rasmussen, Amber Barnes and George Mount. A warrant was issued for William's arrest around that time. 

According to courthouse documents, William urinated on a minor who was handcuffed to a table. The affidavit said William did so while drunk about once or twice a month. 

William faces charges of child abuse, failure to protect from child abuse and child neglect. 

The affidavit alleged the victim was frequently handcuffed to the table at night, deprived of food, poked with a needle, urinated on and had hair pulled out. On another occasion the victim was thrown onto a pile of garbage, causing injuries, the report said. 

The victim had marks on their wrist consistent with being handcuffed as well as cuts, scrapes and bruising on the victim's back. The victim was also missing patches of hair on their head. 

During an investigation, authorities found a cell phone with messages between Summers, Amber and Mount, alluding to abusing the victim.

Videos and photos of the victim were also exchanged between the adults. In one video it appears an adult female poked the victim's arm with a needle. 

The trailer type residence where the abuse is alleged to have taken place was also in poor condition with cockroaches in large groups on walls, old food left on the kitchen stove and a strong odor of urine in the home. 

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