Through military service, EMT work and lending a hand to those in need, Aaron Burdex, Sr. has been of service to his fellow man for decades. 

On Friday, two local programs joined forces to help the Chickasha resident get his home in better working order. 

Lennox and DeHart Air Conditioning’s ‘Feel the Love’ program provided Burdex’s home with a new HVAC system. 

ACTS—Affirming Community Through Service—installed a new breaker box for the electrical system, sheetrock and some other home repairs.

Burdex originally bought the house for his parents when he was 19. At 76, Burdex has since inherited the home. He was in the process of making repairs when an injury and family illness curtailed his progress.

The Feel the Love program calls for nominations from the community. Winona Simmons, who is part of the ACTS program, nominated Burdex, who was already part of their program. 

By bringing these two programs together, they were able to help Burdex finish the repairs to his home. 

He met at least two of the qualifications for the ‘Feel the Love’ program, military service and involvement in the community. 

Burdex signed up for the U.S. Air Force after he graduated from Chickasha High School in the 1960s. He’s held a variety of jobs including working at the Tinker Air Force Base and holding an EMT position in the Atoka area. He’s also been a bus driver as well as a corrections employee. 

Burdex also helps prison inmates to navigate the next steps after they are incarcerated with the goal of leading a better life when released. He has helped people from around the Oklahoma region and as far west as California. 

He has also been known to help his neighbors and friends. 

ACTS is a team of local churches that come together to help residents with home repairs. So far they have helped four in Grady County.

To learn more about ACTS, visit the ACTS Ministry Facebook, call Trinity Church at 405-224-3769 or Simmons at 405-413-3819. 

Burdex was DeHart Air Conditioning’s first Chickasha recipient for the Feel the Love program. 

The furnace was donated by Lennox. The condenser, coil and duct work was donated by DeHart Air Conditioning. 

The labor for the program was done on a volunteer basis by DeHart employees: Seth DeHart, John DeHart, Tony Latta, Kenneth Spinnie, Randy Keller and Cory Conley. 

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