It was a celebration at 901 South 17th Street this week as the Hodges family commemorated the 100th anniversary of their historical home. The Huseman-Hodges home was designed and built by architect A.G. Huseman in 1920. Huseman had the lumber precut and shipped from Philadelphia. His name was stamped on the back of each board. He designed both fireplaces with an “H“ built into the brick in the hearth. It must have been meant to be when Bill and Geraldine Hodges’ bought the house in 1970. The house has been remodeled over the years but the history and character in the house remain. The house has the original oak woodwork and flooring; original brick fireplaces, upstairs and down; 3 sets of original French doors; and original glass doorknobs. 

The Hodges family plans to celebrate the house and their parents with a Roaring 20’s Gatsby style party when they can all be together. 

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