The Associated Press reported that on Aug. 30, the last U.S. planes flew out of Afghanistan after 20 years of war. 

The impact of the war has reverberated around the world as well as back home in Grady County. 

The Express-Star reached out to readers on Facebook to gather their thoughts as the war in Afghanistan draws to a close.  

Rochelle Ramsey said she is glad the troops will be returning home but expressed concern for the people left behind. 

“I’m glad our troops are getting to come home. I feel sorry for the innocent people they will suffer the most. We left everything over there they need to destroy whoever they want. Hopefully they keep to themselves,” Ramsey said. 

Judy Dodson commented on the impact of the war. 

“USA has not won a war in [about] 75 years. Lot of young blood spilt as the war machine continues to profit,” she said. 

Daniel Smith commented on the tragic nature of the war, which took thousands of lives. Moreover, he is concerned for Afghan allies. 

“It’s sad to see the manner in which we left. I lost friends and family there over this 20 years. Many friends are still fighting demons that came home with them after their time was up over there. We’ve not seen the end of the killing and the destruction that will come from this failed state. We left Afghan allies that worked side by side with us stranded in that country who sacrificed everything to try to make a better home for themselves. Once they’re found they will be tortured mercilessly. It’s pathetic to say the least,” Smith said. 

Brad Shumway said he felt thousands of people left behind were abandoned and would soon face difficult changes.  

“Turned their backs on hundreds of thousands people that had a life experience they have never known before are now going back to a life experience that they wish they never knew!”

Several readers were critical of President Joe Biden. Comparisons were made between previous administrations. 

Amanda Beauchamp said, “You have got to be dumber than a box of rocks to think that Biden handled this correctly or that any other president would have handled it similarly. 

Obama wouldn’t have left behind our Americans, allies, and weapons. This administration has no spine. But hey! No mean tweets right?”

Jo Richter noted there were four U.S. Presidents during the war.

“It took four presidents to get us to twenty years there. Bush sent us, Obama didn’t change it, Trump negotiated the end (and 64 service members were killed during his time) and Biden got us out (and there were 13 service members killed). All the service members no matter who they died under is a tragedy. To take a 20 year war which spanned over four presidencies and blame only the last seems unreasonable."

Michael Brandon Goates said it was time the two-decades war came to an end, and perhaps the U.S. should have left sooner. 

“Glad it's over. We should've left a long time ago.”

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