Several Grady County Officials and the Office of the District Attorney, District 2, have reached settlement agreements for overpaid salaries spanning a decade. 

In 2018, the Oklahoma State Auditor's Office conducted a special investigative audit at the request of District Attorney, District 6, Jason Hicks. The Grady County Excise Board caught the discrepancy while preparing their budget for the upcoming year.

In January 2019, a report from the Oklahoma State Auditor's Office found that officials may have been overpaid more than $720,000 between July 2008 and July 2018.

District Attorney, District 2, Angela Marsee submitted a press release stating the settlement agreements were made "in lieu of criminal actions, for recovery of wage overpayments made to elected Grady County officers as indicated in the Grady County Special Investigative Audit."

"$401,765.51 has already been repaid to the taxpayers of Grady County," the release from Marsee, said. "… and the remainder will be repaid, pursuant to the payment agreements or agreed judgments." 

It was found that Grady County Officials' salaries exceeded the maximum amount allowed by state statute. According to Marsee, the overpayment was a result of annual percentage increases rather than a misapplication of the statutory formula. 

"However, it became apparent during the course of my involvement in this matter, that further clarification is needed, regarding proper application of the statutory formula. Therefore, my secondary objective was to seek protections and protocols to ensure the proper future application of the statutory formula and I have requested that the Attorney General issue a legal opinion." 

Marsee was assisted by the District 21 District Attorney's Office, the Office of the State Auditor and Inspector, the Attorney General's Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. 

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