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U.S. Rep. Tom Cole

As we gather around our Thanksgiving tables, I hope you will join me in reflecting on the incredible blessings we have – simply because we are Americans. Indeed, this annual tradition of joining together in collective gratitude transcends differences in political parties and points of view.

No matter one’s feelings on the state of affairs in our country, Thanksgiving is a reminder that we are still the most fortunate people on earth. We live in the greatest country in the world. We live in the freest country that mankind has ever seen. And we live in a country that provides more opportunity and more security for its citizens than any other nation ever has in the history of humanity.

I hope that as you give thanks with your family, friends and loved ones this year, you take a moment to remember how extraordinary the blessing we all have been given to live in the remarkable United States of America. I hope you give thanks for the people who protect us, including our men and women in uniform at home and abroad, who never truly stand down. I hope you give thanks for our law enforcement and those first on the scene during emergencies who, even on the most sacred holidays, are ready to respond. I hope you give thanks for people who work in stores, for farmers who provide our food and for energy producers who make sure we can heat and power our homes. 

Americans look after Americans. We depend on one another as a people. We lend a hand and come to one another’s aid in times of crisis, and we always end up stronger and even more resilient. And that generosity, desire to improve lives and willingness to help is extended to people around the world in incredible ways.

So as you count your blessings and say your prayers of gratitude, I hope you remember how lucky we all are to be Americans. May God bless you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

To contact Cole, call (405) 329-6500.

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