City to update water sanitization system

Chickasha residents may notice open fire hydrants and cloudy tap water in August. However, this will be a transitional period while the city updates its water sanitization system. 

The City of Chickasha will be making the change to free chlorine, from chloromines, next month. Chloromines are formed by combining chlorine and ammonia. Free chlorine is stronger and faster acting disinfectant, according to the city's website. 

During the month of August, city-wide flushing will remove sediments from the distribution system. This flushing is important because built up sediments could form Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids, which are carcinogenic, according to the city website. 

The open fire hydrants as well as overflowing water storage towers will help flush the water system and distribute the change in disinfectant. 

Residents who notice hydrants being flushed in their area may want to open the taps in their home for about 15 minutes to allow sediments to pass through. 

Residents may notice occasional water pressure fluctuations,  cloudiness, discoloration or a slight chlorine taste in their tap water during the transition. However, the City of Chickasha states the water is safe to drink during this time. 

However, Chickasha residents who use tap water for kidney dialysis at home should consult their doctor. Moreover, aquarium enthusiasts should monitor both free and combined chlorine residuals to ensure the safety of their fish during the process. 

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