Jim Cowan

Back in the 1930’s, “New Deal Economics” provided major infrastructure investments across the United States. Shannon Springs Park was one of those investments built by the WPA.

The City of Chickasha has several parks for everyone to enjoy and they are spread out over different parts of our City. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at Shannon Springs Park. I loved the fishing derbies for kids, the small zoo and that cool old jail. The jail and the zoo are gone, but this summer,  the City Parks Department  had a fishing derby and volleyball tournament. More than 100 people showed up to enjoy the festivities, despite the heat. Back during Christmas in July, the amphitheater at Shannon Springs hosted a concert from The Imaginaries. There was a large crowd all spread out enjoying the Christmas music.Parks have evolved in today’s world and offer so many more amenities, but also continue to function as a community outdoor gathering place. In fact, a recent study by the social media platform Twitter, indicates that people are visiting parks to cheer up during these challenging times. Because of Covid-19, people are using green space more and the impact on happiness is real and sustainable.

Scissortail Park in Okc and Gathering Place in Tulsa have redefined what a park can mean to a community. These parks are vibrant spaces that engage and educate people.  They provide intrinsic environmental and recreational benefits to cities, but also provide positive economic benefits. They increase property values, grow sales tax for the City and provide a community space for people of all ages and economic backgrounds.

Shannon Springs Park will again host the Festival of Light in a few weeks. I’m so glad Chickasha has a park that bring over 250,000 visitors to town. All that work to build the park back in the 1930’s and then all that work that a small group of people did when they came up with the idea of Chickasha hosting a holiday light festival that would be recognized nationally, well that is definitely #TheGoodStuff!

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