Chickasha Public Schools

Grades are in for Chickasha Public Schools as well as the rest of the state for 2017-2018.

Public Schools in Oklahoma are receiving letter grades for the first time since 2016. This year, schools are graded on several indicators and an overall grade, still using an A-F system. 

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said the grade will give a more comprehensive picture of how the school is doing than the previous grading system which only gave one overall grade.The new benchmarks emphasize academic achievement; student growth; English language proficiency; an emphasis on college and career readiness through graduation rates, advanced course work or dual-enrollment programs; and reducing chronic absenteeism.

Chickasha High School 

Chickasha High School received an overall B. 

Marks were high for English Language Proficiency Progress, the school received an A. However the graduation rate was rated as an F. Academic achievement was an average C, slightly higher percentage-wise than the state. Chronic Absenteeism received a D, slightly lower than the state's overall grade. Chickasha High School also received a B for Postsecondary Opportunities. 

Chickasha Middle School 

Chickasha Middle School received an overall D from the state. The school was rated to have significantly lower percentages than the state average in Academic Achievement (D), Academic Growth (D) and English Language Proficiency (C ). However, Chickasha Middle School did receive an A under the Chronic Absentee indicator, which showed the school has a high percentage of students with good attendance records. 

Grand Avenue Elementary 

Grand Avenue Elementary received an overall C. The school was about the state average as far as Academic Achievement. Significantly lower, an F, for Academic Growth and significantly higher for English Language Proficiency Progress, for which Grand Avenue Elementary received a B. Chronic Absenteeism, or attendance was about the state's average, a B. 

Lincoln Elementary 

Lincoln Elementary received an overall D from the state. The school received a C in Academic Achievement, Academic Growth and Chronic Absenteeism. In the latter two categories, Lincoln Elementary was rated almost exactly the state average and slightly lower for Academic Achievement. English Language Proficiency Progress was not applicable, according to the report. 

Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center 

Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center was not given an overall grade. The only indicator on the school's report card was a D for Chronic Absenteeism, close to the state's grade. 

School districts have been able to review their grades but the information was not released to the public until Thursday afternoon, following an Oklahoma  Board of Education meeting. 

The state agency is required by both state and federal law to release the Oklahoma School Report Cards in an effort to monitor Oklahoma’s most vulnerable students and to make sure students in protected groups are actually improving academically.At the state level, Hofmeister said five percent of schools received an "F," and these schools will have access to increased federal aid. The previous grading system has been criticized for being an indicator of poverty. Another five percent of schools received an A.Hofmeister said it’s important that school officials take into account how the world outside the classroom impacts life inside a classroom along with the number of diverse student needs increasing as the state is grappling with a teacher shortage. Later this year, the state will add more data to the website, including per pupil expenditures by school and the number of students who are economically disadvantaged.CNHI state reporter, Janelle Stecklein, contributed to this story. 

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