The Chickasha City Council has added a signed agreement to the $50 economic stimulus check to ensure the funds are spent locally. 

The Chickasha City Council first discussed the economic stimulus plan in May. At that meeting, some council members were concerned the $50 check would be spent outside of Chickasha. This would negate the goal of generating sales tax, which was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the meeting on Monday night, a new plan was presented, which depends on the good faith of Chickasha residents with an active residential utility account for water, sewer or solid waste.

The resident must sign an agreement that the $50 will only be spent at businesses within the municipal boundaries of Chickasha. Further, the funds must not be spent for online purchases. 

The resident must also agree that multiple accounts under the same name, exempting irrigation meters, will be assumed to be rentals and reimbursements will be made to the resident listed on the rental agreement for that address. 

If there is no rental agreement for the property, it will be considered a commercial account and no check will be issued, according to city documents. 

The agreement must be signed, notarized and returned to Chickasha City Hall before the check will be issued. 

The funds come from a $350,000 Chickasha Economic Development fund that was collected as a sales tax that was passed by Chickasha voters. The tax expired in 2016. These funds have been earmarked for economic development in Chickasha. 

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