Chickasha City Council to consider mask mandate tonight

A city-wide mask mandate is on the agenda for tonight’s Chickasha City Council meeting. 

If passed, the ordinance would require that a mask be worn within public service areas and places of public accommodation, according to city documents. 

The mandate would include several exceptions such as those who cannot wear a mask due to a physical or mental health condition identified by the Centers for Disease Control. 

There are other exceptions related to activity such as while swimming and running. 

Some of the other exemptions include children under the age of six, restaurant patrons while eating or drinking, inside a personal vehicle, home or office. 

Moreover, those exercising in an outdoor communal area would not be required to wear masks provided social distancing is maintained between those not from the same household. 

Office and workspaces that are not public service areas, where social distancing can be maintained, would also fall under the mandate’s exceptions. 

The council will also consider a penalty for those who do not comply. Currently, the fine for those who will not wear a mask in city buildings is $100. 

The Chickasha City Council meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 5 at Chickasha City Hall. 

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