Chickasha City Council

This screenshot of the Chickasha City Council meeting on Monday night shows additional social distancing measures taken by council members. The City passed an ordinance that requires residents to wear a mask inside city owned and controlled buildings. Those who do not comply could face a $100 fine. 

Note: Story has been edited for clarity.

Chickasha residents have been required to wear a mask in City buildings since they reopened earlier this year. 

However, an ordinance passed by Chickasha City Council on Monday night will make the policy enforceable. 

Chickasha City Manger, John Noblitt, said the ordinance is intended to protect city staff who interact with the public. 

If a person enters a city building, such as City Hall, without a mask or face covering, a request will be made to comply. If the person will not comply, they could face a $100 civil penalty, Noblitt said. 

City staff will also be required to wear masks while in public areas. However, they are not required to wear a mask within their office space or behind glass while interacting with the public. 

Those who attend Chickasha City Council meetings will be required to comply with the ordinance.

City documents say the mask measure also provides some protection to the public while conducting business with the city. 

The ordinance does not include businesses or those attending outdoor activities on public properties, only city owned and controlled buildings. This is not a city-wide ordinance. 

The council will revisit the ordinance at a later date. However, this discussion is not expected to take place until 2021. 

On Monday night, the Chickasha City Council members appeared to take additional social distancing measures. A table was added to the floor so the council members could be seated further apart. 

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