OKLAHOMA CITY — Get ready for 572.

That will be the new area code for central Oklahoma when the 405 telephone prefix is exhausted next year, North American Numbering Plan Administrator officials announced Thursday.

The announcement came a day after Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved an overlay plan that adopted a new area code for much of central Oklahoma.

The plan allows current 405 holders to keep their existing prefixes and phone numbers, but future customers will be issued numbers with the 572 area code.

The biggest impact current consumers can expect is a mandatory switch to 10-digit dialing. Rather than pressing seven digits, callers soon will have to start dialing 405 before a number. Long-distance calling will not be impacted.

Mandatory 10-digit dialing is expected by January 2021, state officials said. The 405 prefix is expected to be exhausted by December 2021.

The 405 area code currently covers 19 counties, officials said.

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