Chickasha Public Schools

Chickasha Public School Board of Education President, Doug Brown has resigned from his post due to conflicts on the board. 

In his resignation letter, Brown said there is little common ground between himself and new board members. Moreover, Brown said he disagrees with a proposal to seek a new superintendent. 

"It's been my pleasure to serve on the Chickasha Board of Education these last several years. I have enjoyed the camaraderie and privilege of serving with previous board members and working with our administrators, faculty and staff. However, with the arrival of the new board members it has become abundantly clear that we share little to no comment ground in our views on how to move forward. Current members of the board have determined after only two months of membership, one with only weeks of board membership, that Dr. Herron needs to be removed and another superintendent  found," Brown said in the letter. 

"Dr. Herron is a decent and honorable man. He is a model superintendent with a deep reservoir of talent and experience that spans over 50 years of dedicated service to the education of Oklahoma youth. Most school boards would regard him as a treasure. It is unfortunate that a majority of our current board members do not," Brown said. 

"Given the clear intent of a majority of the board to remove Dr. Herron from his service to the District for what I sincerely believe is a lack of proper reason or cause, I do not wish to have my name associates with their actions in any way, nor will I allow my presence to be used to give any manner of legitimacy to their intent of severing Dr. Herron's service with the District. I am therefore tendering my resignation from the board effective immediately." 

A special Chickasha Board of Education meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on May 21 at the Chickasha Public Schools Administration building. 

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