Justin Paul Anderson

A Blanchard man charged with fraudulently reporting his pickup as stolen faces 13 felony charges and a $125,000 bond.

According to court document, Justin Paul Anderson allegedly reported his pickup as missing earlier this year to the Grady County Sheriff's Office and GEICO Insurance Company in order to receive compensation. The allegedly stolen pickup was later spotted on Anderson's property.

A Grady County Sheriff's Deputy investigated the incident and discovered that not only was the pickup that Anderson had reported stolen on the property, but numerous other items reported stolen by other people. 

These items included: five long guns and a John Deer skid steer stolen out of Oklahoma City, a 2009 Ford F350 stolen out of Grady County, a Miller welder and Honda generator stolen out of Kingfisher County, and a 2018 Polaris UTV stolen from Dewey County. 

The deputy also found one new triple axel gooseneck trailer and one new double axel bumper pull trailer on the same property. The manufactured name and VIN on the gooseneck trailer had been removed. There was also a false VIN sticker on the gooseneck trailer. This VIN sticker and numerous other blank VIN stickers were later found to have been stolen from Cherokee Trailer Manufacture out of Oklahoma City. The bumper pull trailer's VIN had also been removed to conceal the identity of the trailer, according to the affidavit. The bumper pull trailer's VIN had also been removed to conceal the trailer's identity, the affidavit said. 

The deputy found a vehicle frame laying on the ground by the trailers that still had a VIN sticker on it. The deputy was able to identify that the frame belonged to another pickup Anderson had reported stolen to GEICO. A GEICO representative told the deputy that the payout for the pickup was approximately $17,000. 

In addition to the numerous items that had been reported stolen, the deputy found a glass pipe on Anderson's property. The pipe contained a white residue that tested positive for methamphetamine. It was also discovered that Justin Anderson is a convicted felon. 

Anderson was arrested on Aug. 7 and faces charges two counts of felony fraudulent insurance claims, five counts of receiving stolen property, four felony counts of receiving stolen construction equipment, two felony counts of removed, falsified or unauthorized identification, four misdemeanor accounts of receiving stolen property, one count of misdemeanor drug possession and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia. 

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