Story has been updated with quote from Michael Walker. 


The Grady County Commissioner races stayed close throughout election night for both District 1 and 3. 

According to unofficial results, Michael Walker, Republican, will be joining the board for District 1 and Ralph Beard, Democrat, will retain his seat for District 3. 

Tuesday night's race started with both incumbents in the lead. Walker faced long-time incumbent Windle Hardy and Beard was up against Lee Dorman. 

Near the end of the race for District 3, Dorman briefly took the lead. Results showed 9 of 11 precincts reporting 51.98% for Dorman and 48.02% for Beard. However, there must have been a lot of Beard support in the final two precincts. The unofficial results for all precincts reporting put Beard ahead at 53.30% vs. Dorman with 46.70%. 

Beard said he knew it was going to be a close race. The reelected commissioner said Dorman ran a good race. Beard said Dorman called with congratulations at the end of the election.

Beard said he is excited to keep his role serving Grady County. 

"I've been blessed to do this another four years, and we're just tickled to death," he said. 

It was also a close race for County Commissioner District 1. Absentee voter results put Hardy in the lead at 53.37% compared to Walker's 46.63%. However, election day results pushed Walker ahead. As soon as the first of five precincts reported, Walker's results jumped at 57.05%, versus Hardy at 42.95%. Walker maintained his lead against Hardy throughout, ending at 51.68% for Walker and 48.32% for Hardy. 

"It was time for a change and we made it happen," Walker said.  The new District 1 Commissioner said he and his team went to the polling places to get the results as soon as the machine spit them out. Final numbers showed that Walker beat Hardy by 80 votes, he said. 

Walker added that he was pleased with the voter turnout.

"I want to give a big thanks to all my supporters," Walker said. 

Unofficial election night results are courtesy of the Oklahoma State Election Board. 

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