Civic Hall of Fame - Pat Brooks

Script Courtesy of Randy Talley 

His recipe for making a difference is simple:  equal parts imagination, business acumen, philanthropy and community service.

Patrick A. Brookshas made it his personal mission in life to enrich and serve the community of Chickasha. And he has attacked that mission from every conceivable angle.

He has served – and led – in nearly a dozen local organizations devoted to enhance business, life and culture in Chickasha. These include the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce, the Chickasha Historical Society, the USAO Foundation Board of Trustees, and the  Chickasha Public School Foundation.

He has donated personally and generously to countless local charity and civic organizations like the Chickasha Community Theater, the Festival of Light, the Davis Waldorf Performing Arts Series, the Resurrection House, the YMCA, the Salvation Army, Life Skills Institute, and many more.

As chairman of First National Bank & Trust Co., he has overseen bank investments in the construction of industry, energy, education, homes and places of worship in the city of Chickasha.

He has served as an advisor to a dozen local commissions, boards and task forces in city and county planning and development.

For decades of service and leadership, Pat Brooks has been recognized by the Grady County Fair Board and by community organizations.

Pat earned his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University and a juris doctorate from the University of Oklahoma. He married Paula Hallman in 1969.  The Brooks have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Like his late parents, Curtis and Gwen Brooks, Pat has established a legacy of honor, integrity, service and selflessness. The most compelling evidence of this is the nameplate on his desk, which for many years did not state his title.  Underneath his name was simply the word “helper.”