David Sikes: 

ikes and I am running for re-election in Ward 1, Chickasha City Council.  I’m proud to have been born in Chickasha and that my wife of 40 years and I raised our 2 children here.  With the exception of a few years, I have lived my entire life in Chickasha.  In 1981, we decided to return to our hometown to raise our family and contribute to the community.  Having lived in Norman and OKC, we felt Chickasha was a better-grounded community with the type of environment we wanted.

As I grew up, my Mother and Father (Ella Mae and Carl Sikes) instilled in me importance of giving back to the organizations and community that I had benefitted from.  It is for this reason, that I am still involved with the Boy Scouts.  As an Eagle Scout I pledged to give generously back to society.  While as a local business owner, I have been a member of several service and professional organizations.  In particular, the Rotary Club of Chickasha, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, the National Association of Royalty Owners, Chickasha Masonic Lodge and an adjunct professor at USAO.

I believe in Chickasha and our citizens.  In 1993, after Graduating from Leadership Chickasha, I served on the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment for the city.  I am aware that we have some serious challenges before us, but if we work together, we can make Chickasha a place people will want to live and raise their families.  My goal is to make our community a place for all its residents to be proud to call home.  In the past few years, we have made great progress, but there is still work to be done.  Chickasha has so many great things to build upon.

Dewey Mosshart: 

Thanks for an opportunity to speak to the voters. Obviously, I’m not a career politician but I do want the voters to know how much I love my hometown of Chickasha and that I’m dedicated to working hard to make our community the best for everyone. I was born and raised here. I attended the Jane Brooks School for the Deaf and graduated from Chickasha High School in 1988. From my first job at Jake’s Ribs, I have built my career in our community. My wife, Katherine, and I are raising our two daughters in Chickasha. My heart is here. 

I support our fire and police protection services. They are our friends and family dedicated to the protection of our community. I believe our infrastructure—streets, sidewalks, trash, water, sewer, etc.—should always be a number one priority for all parts of our community. I haven’t heard of any projects being initiated on the north side of our city. We need to reevaluate that. 

I have heard talk of a possible additional city property tax—yes, in addition to what is already in place. I’m against that. I believe we can work together to fund our city departments and searches and infrastructure without an additional tax burden on our citizens—our neighbors, our friends, our families. I strongly believe in personal liberty and small government. 

Amid the challenges facing our local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak and loss of income and sales tax revenue, our city should reevaluate priorities. Let’s look at what is most important and decide what can be reconsidered once the sales tax revenue increases again. 

I want to be part of that process. I want to be the voice for the citizens trying to get a message to current city leaders. 

Vote Dewey June 30. 

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