March 28, 2014

Arrested man accused of trying to hide drugs in jail cell


A Chickasha man allegedly became angry Wednesday and got in an argument with his father resulting in a domestic abuse and possession of methamphetamine arrest.

Chickasha Police Officer Chad King said he was called to a home about a domestic disturbance and met with Thomas Radford Jr. 

"[Radford Jr.] immediately said, 'I don't need to go to jail,'" King said. "When he was speaking, I immediately smelled a strong smell of what I associate with an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person…The more I spoke with Jr., he became upset and continued to act bizarre and he was sweating profusely."

He said Radford Jr. told him he had been arguing with his father, Thomas Radford Sr.. 

King said he noticed Radford Jr.'s hand was bleeding and he told him it was because he punched a door. 

He said he spoke with Radford Sr. and he told him Radford Jr. had been acting oddly for a few days and began screaming for no reason and punching his bedroom door Wednesday.

"[Radford Sr.] told [Radford Jr.] to calm down and [Radford Jr.] became more irate. [Radford Jr.'s] mother, Kimberly Radford, said to him, 'you don't want to go to jail, do you?' King said. "[Radford Jr.] became out of control and advanced toward Kimberly threatening her."

Radford Sr. blocked Radford Jr. from advancing on his mother and told Radford Jr. to leave, according to an incident report.

King said Radford Jr. left the house, but continued to be angry and eventually attempted to come back in the house.

"[Radford Jr.] swung his fist and hit [Radford Sr.] in the left side of his face causing a mark," he said. "[Radford Sr.] told Kimberly to get into the vehicle so she would be safe from Jr."

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