March 13, 2014

Danser excels in academic dreams


Jordan Danser is a student of varied interests with high motivation and a passion for learning.

Danser was homeschooled until he began taking welding classes at the Canadian Valley Technology Center at 16. Danser is currently studying math at USAO with about $61,000 in scholarships.

"I've always been a bookworm and kind of nerdy," he said. "I wanted to work with my hands and do something different."

Danser's story will be featured in Oklahoma Horizons, a weekly TV show about current economic and social trends.

Danser said he had to practice often to learn how to weld well.

"[Welding] teaches you that if you practice something long enough, you can get good at it," he said.

Welding Instructor Richard Farris said Danser was one of his top students and would take responsibility for cleaning other students' work stations when they were absent.

"He was always interested in whatever we were doing," Farris said.

Aside from being a highly-motivated student in the classroom, Danser also took on a leadership role to encourage other students to pursue an eduction.

He said Danser was also an ambassador during his time at CVTC, which required him to visit other schools to recruit students.

"Every two to three years I have a student that [wants to be an ambassador]," Farris said. "It's kind of an honor. [Danser] worked hard and went above and beyond."

CVTC Communications Coordinator Erica Miller said Danser is just one example of a good home schooled student succeeding at CVTC.

"We like to see students excelling," Miller said. "It's a different environment for home schooled students. It was the first time [Danser] had been in a normal school environment."

 Danser said his taking the ACT and scoring a 30 happened by chance.

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