March 11, 2014

Editorial: Transit service good, but could be better


Although we recognize the Washita Valley Transit System serves a great need in Grady County, we also think evaluation is in order.

The WVTS is a necessity for many citizens in the county. It serves a vital transportation need for those who are incapable of commuting for monetary or health reasons. 

That being said, we believe a more effective use of the system would be to split the jobs of the 14 vehicles currently in service. Seven of these conveyances should be used for scheduled use. They would pick up multiple travelers from their respective homes and drop them off at their intended destinations. We don't see any reason why one person should solely occupy a vehicle at any time. `

The other seven vehicles should be used to run routes around the county. We suggest the WVTS petition the local municipal and county government agencies for donations to set up bus stops. We believe this would increase fare frequency in a dramatic manner. 

We also want to recognize the need for weekend use. At least two vehicles should run on Saturday and Sunday to serve the needs of citizens. We realize financial constraints could make this process difficult, but we also recognize the possibility of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation granting the WVTS more money to accomplish these suggestions. 

The WVTS is a valuable asset to this community. We don't want to see it hurt by any means, but we would like to see it improved. 

Editorials are a consensus of the editorial board of The Express-Star. 

The Express-Star editorial board is comprised of the publisher, editor and various staff members.

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