July 1, 2014

Suspect admits to throwing items at moving car

— A Chickasha man was arrested for throwing objects at cars on Saturday, according to a Chickasha Police report.

Keosha Smith reported to Sergeant Jeremy Alexander that Lasean Dontra Burnett was throwing objects at the windshield of a car in which she was a passenger.  Smith said when the vehicle passed by Burnett, he threw something at the windshield, shattering it. Moments later, he threw something else at the passenger door of the vehicle, Smith said.

The driver and owner of the vehicle, Nicolas Armstrong, told police he saw Burnett throw something at the vehicle, but he was unable to see what the object was. Armstrong said the the vehicle was in motion, driving down the street when Burnett threw the object at it.

Smith reported that she had been having problems with Burnett.

Alexander asked Smith and Armstrong how they knew Burnett. Smith said Burnett had been trying to fight her. Smith showed Alexander a Facebook message on her phone that said, "This is bubbalesean b***h when I see u I'm goin to slap u for lien on me b***h on the set" [sic]. Smith said Burnett sent the message from someone else's Facebook account.

Alexander observed the damage to the vehicle. He reported there was a star break on the passenger side of the vehicle and that there appeared to be one point of impacted which correlated with Smith's and Armstrong's stories.

Alexander then located Burnett in the 2000 block of South 1st St. Burnett was wearing the same clothing that Smith had described, the report said. When Alexander asked Burnett what his problem with Smith was, Burnett replied that Smith was lying to people about him and that he was going to slap her when he saw her.

When Alexander asked why he had thrown objects at vehicles, Burnett said it was because Smith was in the vehicle. Burnett reiterated that he was going to slap Smith when he saw her. Burnett elaborated that Alexander could not do anything to him for throwing something at the vehicle because the officer was not there when it happened. Burnett admitted to hitting the vehicle several times.

Alexander placed Burnett under arrest for throwing an object at a moving vehicle, maliciously defacing the property of another and assault. Burnett was booked into the Grady County Jail for the offenses.

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