June 26, 2014

Alleged Love's death threats leads to public intox arrest

— A male subject was arrested for public intoxication after allegedly making threats to kill people at Love's late Tuesday night.

Michael Dean Mitchell was found lying on the porch of an abounded house across the street from Love's, according to a report from the Chickasha Police Department.

Cliff Walker, Chickasha Police Officer said that when he arrived on the scene, Mitchell was acting in a bizarre manner.

According to the report, Mitchell was listening to a set of headphones and dancing around when Lt. James Weidenmaier was speaking to him in the front yard of a house on 100 N. 10th St.

When the subject saw Walker, he yelled to the officer that he "had better get [his] hand off [his] gun." The officer reported that he did not have his hand on his gun at the time.

The subject then looked Walker up and down as if to size him up and started to take an aggressive posture. Mitchell then began clenching his fists and swinging his arms back and forth.

According to Walker's report, Mitchell made statements that were threatening in their tone but not always able to be understood because his speech was "extremely slurred and unintelligible."

"At this point I decided to place the subject into handcuffs because of his behavior. When I approached him the subject paused for a moment when I told him to turn around but then complied," Walker said.

The officer noticed Mitchell's eyes were red and glazed over and his muscles were rigid and flexed to the touch. This lead the officer to believe the subject was under the influence of illegal narcotics.

Mitchell was placed under arrest for public intoxication. He was then placed in the patrol car where he continued to yell obscenities and make threats towards officers as well as the jailers once he arrived at the jail.

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