July 17, 2013

What goes on Buy Sell or Trade


There's little doubt when it comes to the popularity of *Chickasha, Ok* Buy Sell or Trade as a digital market for almost any good or product imaginable.

Over the course of a few years, the site has skyrocketed to 12,820 members who place hundreds of photos and posts daily to purchase or sell things like second-hand clothing, furniture, video games, decorative household items, and even cars or entire homes. 

"I got the idea because I was invited to one back home," Cassie Osborn, creator of Buy Sell and Trade, said. "Lonnie [Warren] and I thought it would be neat to start one here. I thought it would be fun for everyone and made it for all to enjoy. In less than a month there was 1200 people. The numbers increased quickly."

But recently, there's been a string of bizarre and unusual posts that have tested the patience of the site's administrators; Osborn, Warren, and Warren's mother, Anita Batchelder.

Just over the weekend, someone's post was soliciting for marijuana and another advertised alcohol. Later, there was the succinct yet head-scratching request from a woman who "would like a baby," and on top of it all photographs that contained lewd and pornographic images that have since been removed and sparked a Chickasha Police investigation.

It can be a lot to handle for three people who all have their own separate lives to run on top of that.

"We try to keep it as clean as possible; nothing with curse words or people talking bad about other people, especially if they use names,' Warren said. "And we don't let people slam local businesses."

And, of course, no sale of illegal substances and no pornography.

The site has become popular for selling pets, from dogs and kittens to guinea pigs, turtles and snakes. Users of Buy Sell or Trade have also used posts as a fast way to distribute or receive information.

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