February 25, 2014

Man calls officers to arrest him for dishonesty toward police


A man called Chickasha Police because he wanted to be taken into custody after committing no crime Friday morning. 

Jerami Clary said he wanted to be honest about lying to the police before, Chickasha Police Officer David Michael Harper-Head said. 

"He told me I needed to take him to the jail," Harper-Head said. "I knew Clary because he had been placed in emergency detention yesterday, but the Hospital said he did not meet criteria. I told Clary that I was not going to arrest him for lying. Clary told me he has been bad and needs to go to Jail. Clary got very close to me which made me uncomfortable. I told him to step away from me and I then stepped backwards to get some distance."

Harper-head said Clary raised his hand out to arm level, which made Harper-Head uncomfortable. 

"Clary would just stare at me and not answer any questions that I asked of him," he said. "The question I asked was can I call a family member for him. Clary did not answer and I ended up having to physically push Clary back to give me distance. I told Clary I felt like he was going to get violent and he said he was. I told him I did not want to fight with him."

Harper-Head said he then called for backup. Chickasha Lt. James McClain arrived and both officers spoke with Clary, according to an arrest report. 

"We both spoke with Clary and told him that since he was not breaking any laws and did not meet emergency detention criteria he was free to go," Harper-Head said. "I attempted to leave but Clary went to my back passenger side car door and began pulling on the handle trying to get into my car. I stopped my car so I would not strike him and exited my car. Clary would not let go of my car."

Harper-Head said Clary was keeping him from a call and was now obstructing his ability to complete his duties. 

Clary was arrested for obstructing an officer and transported to the Grady County Jail.

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