February 17, 2014

Editorial: City's smoking suggestion good, as long as both sides are taken into consideration


We find the notion of Chickasha City Council's plan to ban tobacco products on city property to be refreshing. 

This is a potential step forward for the city and keeps pace with the rest of the country, which is working to prevent potential damage caused by the usage of tobacco products. 

Obviously we do not condone infringing on personal rights, but we do not think asking citizens to allow everyone to enjoy clean air at parks to be overreaching. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control show secondhand smoke can increase lung cancer and heart disease risk by up to 30 percent for non-smokers.  

Such statistics should be reason enough for the city to pass this ordinance without a fight and for smokers to adhere to the new potential legislation. 

We also recognize there are many smokers in Chickasha and thought should be given on how to best accommodate their needs. Perhaps designated smoking zones in public buildings and parks would see that both sides of this argument are represented. 

The decision to allow usage of electronic cigarettes is also forward thinking. 

Recent polls have shown although many Americans are worried e-cigarettes will encourage children to start smoking, a greater majority find the devices to be noninvasive. 

Recently Chickasha has shown itself to be a progressive community in the area of recycling. We hope to see this mentality carry over to this realm.

An editorial represents the opinion of the editorial board of The Express-Star. The editorial board is comprised of the publisher, managing editor and various staff members.

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