September 19, 2012

In My Professional Opinion, with former NFL player Sam Rayburn

Aaron Colen, Sports Editor,
The Express-Star


Chickasha High School won it's second game in a row Friday night against Cache at Memorial Stadium in Chickasha for homecoming. Former NFL player and current Chickasha resident Sam Rayburn saw the game, and took some time to share his thoughts on the Fightin' Chicks.


On getting most of the offense on a few big plays:


"That's football. You're never going to be able to dominate an entire game. The offensive line does a pretty good job of staying on blocks. You keep plugging away, and eventually you break one. That's kind of the formula. You're not going to be able to have big plays every time you run the ball. Keep working hard. That's how they won. A couple big runs."


On the development of quarterback Cade Morris:


"It looks like he's developing pretty good. He's got good vision of the field, and can move around well. He's mobile enough that if he has to escape the pocket or step up in the pocket, he can. He does a good job of taking a play that's dead and turning it into something. He could probably still mature a little bit as far as hanging out in the pocket a little bit and going through his read progression. I caught him kind of eyeballing the receiver a few times. He's done a really good job."


On the defense controlling the Cache game:


"They were playing really well on defense. They have good ball pursuit. They're really aware of what's going on. I saw a couple of screens where they tried to catch the defense off-guard, and they all back-tracked and did a good job of hunting down the ball. They've got a good pass rush and cover good in the secondary. The linebackers are pretty good at hunting down the quarterback or hanging back, if they have to."


On what the strength of the team is:


"The offensive and defensive line are pretty much their strength. They've got a good running back and quarterback, and a couple of good receivers. There aren't any glaring places where they're not sufficient. They need to work on staying consistent."