April 10, 2013

Chocolate Celebration reaps sweet rewards

New, kid-friendly computers installed at the Chickasha Public Library

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star

— When it comes to fundraisers, as evidenced by the new, kid-friendly computers at Chickasha Public Library, chocolate is hard to beat.

The Friends of the Library raised funds for the new computers during the Chocolate Celebration on Feb. 13, where patrons could select six chocolatey desserts for $6.

The event proved to be very successful. On Feb. 13, 2013, the area dedicated to the event was packed chocoholic to chocoholic with a steady stream of chocolate fans entering the library's doors.

On April 9, the new computers were installed.

Catherine Cook, Director of the Library, Lillie Huckaby, Children's Librarian, Kathy Tibbetts, Friends of the Library President, Angie Lewis, Chocolate Celebration Committee Chair, and two willing guinea pigs, Kaleb Powell and Delsee Bradford, were there for the event.

The computers seemed intuitive, as Powell and Bradford, ages 6 and 7, respectively, were able to demonstrate some of the new computers' functions. Cook said that she and other library staff members have had fun trying out the computers as well.

Huckaby gave credit to Tibbetts and Lewis for helping organize the Chocolate Celebration event. Too deliciously successful for a single serving, Chocolate Celebration will be an annual event every Feb. 13, Huckaby said.

The two children's computers were purchased from Digital Dimensions based in Norman. Huckaby said the decision to purchase these computers was based on the specific needs and wants of the library including the preloaded software, high quality learning activities from credible companies that cater to a variety of ages and the computers are sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.

The computers are also equipped with touch screens. The computers are kid-sized, with a smaller keyboard and child-sized mouse so that smaller hands can use them with ease. The keyboards are color coded as well. The activities use the colors on the keyboards to teach proper keyboard use, Huckaby said.

The Kid-Computers come with 50 pre-loaded, educational games such as beginning Spanish, a game similar to "Operation" (featuring a wincing elephant), how to type and more.