June 7, 2014

First week of June brings diverse topics to Express-Star pages


For whatever reason, the first week of every month is full of news. Gov. Falling rocked the political world with her signature on a bill repealing the Common Core, the Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the playoffs, more water problems plagued our town and tragic events unfolded in Texas leaving us all with heavy hearts for a local man. 

The latter is where I'd like to start. Brian Lile was involved in a wreck this week, which could have happened to anyone. I, and the rest of staff of The Express-Star can only give our deepest sympathy to Mr. Lile, and to the families of those who lost loved ones in this tragic accident.

Our governor made a bold move with her pen. The Common Core is one of the most nationally controversial programs around, and our governor is leading the conservative charge of repeal. Some may not agree with this tactic, but it's certainly exciting for Oklahoma. 

The locally controversial topic of water also topped a newspaper this week. 

This edition details dangers found in our drinking water from a recent group of tests. We reported on water issues in Chickasha extensively in 2013. It seems a topic that just won't go away. Our readers can look forward to more H2O coverage throughout 2014. 

There there's the Thunder. Although not local to the county, Oklahoma's professional basketball team certainly maintains a following throughout the state. 

This week's defeat marks a string of shortcomings year-to-year that can leave fans bewildered and wondering when their time will come. 

There's always next year, I suppose. 

Looking forward, these next few week should have significant event coverage. Summer always rewards our publication with an array of wonderful photos. 

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