May 24, 2014

Chickasha Public Schools changes will create whole new administration in 2014


The past few months have been almost revolutionary for Chickasha Public Schools front office and CHS administration. 

We've seen the addition of a new superintendent, the planned retirement of a high school principal, and most recently, the planned resignation of the CHS football coach Tom Cobble. 

Things, they are a changing. But what does this mean for Chickasha Public Schools? 

Many fear turnover, and sometimes rightfully so. A changing of the guard can stall progress, or it can take a public school system well into the future. Sadly the answer is not one that can be reached by formula. I, like you, will have to wait and watch what happens with this real life high school drama. The only certainty is the fall of 2014 will look a whole lot different than that of 2013. 

Drama spread outside of Chickasha Public Schools this week. Sheriff Jim Weir has locked horns with Minco Mayor Watson Mitchell. Our story in this edition details Mitchell's discontent with Weir's interest in an inter-local agreement. What Mr. Mitchell fails to say is that virtually every other municipality in the county has such an agreement with the sherriff's office, and both parties find it beneficial. 

Personally, I don't really see Mitchell's concern. All it does is add more police to his town's disposal. Short of alien warfare, I don't see Weir calling Minco's one on duty cop to Rush Springs to deal with issues down there. Mitchell's comments were a little hasty and unvarnished. He went so far as to say "we have some real low lives in Minco in his column." Imagine if Hank Ross said that. Half of Chickasha would call for his resignation. Not a smart move for a politician to pubically lambast any part of his citizenry. 

Thankfully, Weir has made it clear he will still take calls from Minco citizens. 

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