July 11, 2014

Sex offender arrested for committing lewd acts toward a child


A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday morning after he was accused of driving by two female minors while masturbating. 

The victims, ages 11 and 13, positively identified Dusty Groseclose as the man who committed the act, according to an incident report. 

Chickasha Police Officer David Michael Harper-Head said the victims sought the help of a woman living in the 1200 block of S. 13th Street. 

Harper-Head said he arrived at the address and spoke with the home's owner who told him the girls stated they were being followed by a male subject in a blue 4-door Honda. 

"(The Home Owner) said the girls stated the male was touching himself," Harper-Head said. "(The Home Owner) said she stepped outside and saw a blue car driving by. (She) said the girls told her this was the car that had been following them." 

Harper-Head identified and spoke with the victims. The girls identified the accused as a blonde or red haired male. The victims said they could not see the man's genitals, but he was making motions that made them believe he was touching himself, according to an incident report. 

Harper-Head said he aired a BOLO (Be on the lookout) describing the suspect and the vehicle . This led him to 1325 S. 16th Street where he found a blue Hyundai. 

"I know based on my experience that sometimes people confuse the make of the vehicle," he said. "Furthermore a Hyundai and Honda are both similar in name and appearance."

Harper-Head said he felt the hood of the vehicle and it was warm. He approached the house, knocked on the door and was greeted by Groseclose, who Harper-Head said he knew to be a registered sex offender. 

The incident report states Groseclose was detained, waved his Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with Harper-Head.

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