July 11, 2014

Dorman unveils 'Classrooms First' initiative


Joe Dorman continued an aggressive gubernatorial campaign this week following June's primaries. 

While in Tulsa, Dorman focused on education. 

“If we value our families, our children, the economy and the future of this state – at a minimum we must get our public schools the basic resources they need for their classrooms,” said Dorman. “I am proposing a ‘Classrooms First’ education initiative to dedicate every dollar of the existing Franchise Tax to in-room classroom instruction. My plan will also protect against radical cuts. We must establish that these students, the future of Oklahoma, are our top priority.” 

Dorman elaborated on his plan and efforts to end slicing the budget. 

“The first phase of my ‘Classrooms First’ plan ends the education cuts and increases funds to the classroom without increasing taxes,” continued Dorman. “This program will restore local control so communities will have more say in what they want their schools to provide within broad guidelines."

Dorman said poor public schools will cost the state jobs in the short and long term. 

"Higher education leaders should also support this as it will reduce the number of incoming students in need of remediation – saving resources for our colleges," said Dorman. "My plan is all about getting back to the basics of funding classroom instruction. To make Oklahoma the best state it can be, this increased level of basic funding is non-negotiable.”

Dorman said Gov. Mary Falling has failed students during her tenure. 

“On her watch, hundreds of millions of dollars were cut from education, in contrast to other states that have chosen to invest in education. She allowed her State Superintendent, Janet Barresi, to run amok," he said. "Further, Fallin’s appointees to the State Board of Education have promoted radical plans that would drain hundreds of millions more away from Oklahoma public schools and give the money to experimental schools as well as unproven nationalized agenda items. We can and will do better.”

The general election is Nov. 4. 

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